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Anca Colbert

Arts & Communication

Publication and Marketing Consultant

Innovative concepts in traditional and new media

Supporting the goals and informing the decisions of individuals and

 organizations focused on the arts, cultural activities and education.

~ est. 1973, Los Angeles  ~

A selection of works from our portfolio:

“The Creative Mind - C.G.Jung” - an original Modern Broadside from a series inspired by significant quotes

  IAAP Logo - inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s “Armillary Sphere” -  IAAP’s Newsletter & multiple adaptations

  Designs inspired by Gustav Klimt’s art - a group of prints in development

“Shakespeare & Cie” - an original Photo-Mosaic collage poster - other images in the series included Van Gogh,          The Beatles and commissions for the Ojai Film Festival, the Bill Clinton Presidential Library, et.al.

The Edinger Memorial Lecture”- a duo-tone announcement flyer for the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles

“Early Views of California”- A series of designs for the Thacher School’s Development Department - assorted              print and web usages for yearly Alumni Events and Holiday Cards

“Art for Opera and Music Lovers” - An Art Exhibition announcement - design concept adapted for invitations,             postcards, posters & web newsletters

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